I help non-profit clients create a clear vision and develop concise strategies to fulfill it. Strategy can include finding efficiencies to increase funding potential and marketing health messages to diverse and media-savvy customers.

I rely on three basic principles when helping build your strategy:

1. Keep it simple.
In short, your customers will come to you if your services offer greater value than your competitors. Our goal is to define the who, what, and where of your customers and help you create your one-page elevator pitch.

2. Go big or go home.
We will check perfection at the door, roll up our sleeves, and reach for the stars. That means we will both define what’s knowable and controllable as well as allow for a creative momentum to be generated.

3.  It needs to make logical sense.
Throughout the strategic process, we will question assumptions and come up with answers to those tough questions, making sure you draw a road map to a sustainable future.

“…good strategy is not the product of hours of careful research and modeling that lead to an inevitable and almost perfect conclusion. Instead, it’s the result of a simple and quite rough-and-ready process of thinking through what it would take to achieve what you want and then assessing whether it’s realistic to try.” -Roger Martin, Harvard Business Review, Jan. 2014


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