Make good things happen
We all have a vision and big ideas. Too often bold dreams never materialize into successful strategies because of a lack of resources, planning, or execution.  If you wonder how to translate your vision into a plan and budget, J. Uhlenbrock Consulting can help. With our expertise in strategic planning, writing, editing, and communication, J. Uhlenbrock Consulting drives to results with a pragmatic mix of big-picture and detail-oriented approaches. We turn fantasy into reality.

What distinguishes average from outstanding?
We offer business efficiency and accountability tools such as a logic model, evaluation matrix, and business plan; we can help you define a budget, establish a social media presence, and develop community partnerships.  Whether you seek to create, expand, redesign, improve, or supplement your current program, with J. Uhlenbrock Consulting you will achieve a plan for the future that focuses on sustainability and offers a competitive advantage. Let us help your organization impact health and wellness in your community.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call for your client-tailored plan for success. You can also familiarize yourself with our services:

  • Strategy: J. Uhlenbrock Consulting helps our clients create a clear vision and develop a concise strategy to fulfill it.
  • Business Planning: Business planning is the counterpoint to strategy building; it makes your argument compelling. We work with clients to determine the feasibility, accountability, and sustainability of the strategy.
  • A Road Map: We help clients get to know their customers and then map out how their services will meet customers’ needs, including the design of a logic model and strategy map.
  • Consensus Building: We build collaborations both within and outside your organization to achieve a health impact at the community level. We also offer pragmatic tips for building a social marketing campaign, including use of social media.
  • Implementation: J. Uhlenbrock Consulting will help your organization produce measurable impact from your desired goal and strategy.
  • Evaluation: We help clients design an evaluation matrix for gathering and analyzing data so you’ll know when you’ve reached your goal.

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